Persistence is a kind of tenacity, leaving persistence, is to leave a footprint of growth. The first month of junior year, the teacher chose me to be the duty leader on Wednesday and explained, “The leaders should take responsibility, take a good lead and regulate discipline.” “Such a day’s work… Continue Reading Leave a little persistence to yourself

Dear teachers, dear students.Hello everyone!The topic of my speech is “Chinese Festivals and National Culture”.I remember when I was in elementary school, my senior classmates were very knowledgeable and used to talk about April Fool’s Day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and so on. Because I don’t know these things, I used… Continue Reading Chinese Festivals Ethnic Culture

The old language: no rules make a circle, and rules have long permeated every aspect of society. Family is the first lesson to cultivate the sense of rules, and family style is the obvious manifestation of compliance with rules. One of the prerequisites for the realization of the Chinese dream… Continue Reading Respect the rules and abide by them –The eternal family rules

My language teacher, Ms. Liang, is a teacher with a varied teaching style, attitude, mood and habits, sometimes “playful”, sometimes stern and serious, and sometimes funny. She was short in stature, with a flat round face under her short hair, wearing black-rimmed glasses, and often dressed plainly, not to mention… Continue Reading My mutable Chinese teacher

Reading Mr. Lao She’s long novel, Camel Xiangzi, which describes the tragic fate of rickshaw drivers during the warlord chaos of the 1920s, the ups and downs of the storyline are sometimes heartwarming and sometimes indifferent, making me feel deeply.The main character, Xiangzi, follows the army into the city to… Continue Reading Reject indifference and create a better society together — Read “Camel Xiangzi” with feeling.

Red Rock is one of my favorite red classics. It not only has a twisted and thrilling storyline, but also has heroic and heroic characters. The powerful red genes in the novel and the great red spirit of the communists are particularly shocking. However, I remember when I first read… Continue Reading Receiving red education and passing on the red spirit–Rereading “Red Rock”